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    Again thanks to everyone. I am so sorry about keeping mixing up the names.. I have a G4 Mac Laptop, 17in. It is now running MorphOS 3.11. I am in the process of relearning how to use it. It is fast. :) I do keep having it just "lock up" I don't know how else to describe it. I will be using it and suddenly the desktop will stop responding to input. I will not be able to move a window, click a button or anything. However what ever program was in focus at that time will keep going. When this happens to me, I have to hard boot to get out of it as I can't get to the normal shutdown. I do not know why. I have not installed but few things other than the base install. It also is happening on an other G4 laptop that I have.. So, I do not think it is the hardware per say. I am investigating, before I buy a license.
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