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    amigadave wrote:
    I wonder if it would be possible to upgrade my 17" G4 PowerBook with a 1920x1080 hd display, or if that would not be a good idea given the limitations of the 128mb VRAM Radeon mobility 9700 video card inside of it? I seem to remember someone doing this conversion, but can't remember where, or if it really was done on a G4 PowerBook.

    You remember well, I once did such conversion. I took a display from a 17 inch MacBook Pro and replaced the standard (broken) display in a 17 inch PowerBook. There's a whole article about that in an issue 6 of "Amiga NG" Polish magazine (there should be an english version too but I cannot find it ATM). The article will find its way to some publicly available Amiga related portal sooner or later.
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