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    DFergFLA wrote:
    I will keep that all in mind. I won't be buying a desktop of any kind til December. In the meantime I am getting my Macbook all put back together again and will install MorphOS on that to play with again before I decide if I want to go all in. The rumor, of MorphOS being worked on to go x86_64 gives me hope that the OS will continue. As much as I like Amiga, I feel that an ISA shift will not happen and it will die out slowly.

    "MacPro" & "MacBook" are only made with x86, or x64 CPU's, (as Andreas_Wolf keeps pointing out to you), so you probably mean your "PowerBook", which is equipped with a G4 PPC CPU. Most PowerMac's and PowerBook's are compatible with MorphOS, as shown in the list on the official MorphOS website. My 17" PowerBook with 1.67GHz G4 CPU, 2GB RAM, & the high definition 1680x1050 wide screen display is my favorite MorphOS system. I think manufacturers are removing optical drives from laptop computers too soon, specially Apple laptops, which removed them even earlier than most other manufacturers did. I like having the optical drive, plus the 17" PowerBook also gives me a full size keyboard, with number pad, and a nice size display. I wonder if it would be possible to upgrade my 17" G4 PowerBook with a 1920x1080 hd display, or if that would not be a good idea given the limitations of the 128mb VRAM Radeon mobility 9700 video card inside of it? I seem to remember someone doing this conversion, but can't remember where, or if it really was done on a G4 PowerBook.

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