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    DFergFLA wrote:
    So, if given a choice between a G5 Macpro and a Tabor (if it is ever released) which would be the better performer?

    MacPro in hundred ways, its especially visible in Linux where dual core (even quad core G5 exists)can be used.

    Other problem is Tabor does not exist publicly, outside few people.

    Both more powerful x1000,x5000/020 and even x5000/040 have been tested vs G5 and have failed miserably. One in all, too bad OS4 was not ported to Mac G4 and Mac G5.

    G5 vs x5000

    (x5000 quad core 2.2Ghz exists in beta testing too)

    Even just on MacOS X side, Luigi and few Mac PPC users have proven it can be useful even today.
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