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    >> What are Tabor's technical, OS4-relevant advantages over the
    >> Sam460ex, again? Anything else than a little better integer
    >> performance? I can think of some disadvantages, like worse
    >> floating point performance and only one expansion slot.

    > I don't expect it to be magnitudes faster than the Sam460ex.

    That much is obvious. Even just one single magnitude faster would put it in POWER9 territory :-) And as I said, it will even be slower in FPU operations (except for code that is natively compiled for the SPE in order to avoid FPU emulation).

    > price wise probably the better choice. ;-)

    I think there have been used Sam460 boards or systems going for same as or less than what new Tabor boards or systems will go for, like this Sam460 board for 300 or 350 EUR.
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