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    > as Andreas said, there is no direct comparison possible.

    That was outlawal2, actually :-)

    > It's purpose has always been that of a relatively cheap entry-level-system,
    > not that of a 'high end' one like the G5 was (klick).

    Only that the G5 was high-end like 15 years ago and is rather low-end compared to current and cheap x64 desktop offerings, which makes the Tabor/A1222 something like lowest-end ;-)

    > I would always choose the Tabor over some Sam440/Sam460/Pegasos/etc.

    What are Tabor's technical, OS4-relevant advantages over the Sam460ex, again? Anything else than a little better integer performance? I can think of some disadvantages, like worse floating point performance and only one expansion slot.
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