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    DFergFLA schrieb:
    So, if given a choice between a G5 Macpro and a Tabor (if it is ever released) which would be the better performer?

    Single Core CPU performance would be much worse. Both implement Power ISA v.2.03, but:

    QorIQ P1022 (Tabor)
    2 x 1,067 GHz, 32bit, 32 KiB iCache, 32 KiB dCache, 256 KiB L2-Cache,
    no SIMD
    800 MHz DDR3-RAM, max. bandwith 5,96 GiB/s (single channel?)

    PPC970 (lowest specced G5 avialable)
    1 x 1,600 GHz, 64bit, 64 KiB iCache, 32 KiB dCache, 512 KiB L2-Cache,
    Altivec (SIMD)
    400 MHz DDR-RAM, max. bandwith 6,4 GiB/s (dual channel?)

    As both MorphOS and Amiga OS 4.1 utilize Altivec and only one core it's not the question if the Tabos performs slower but only how much it performs slower. But as Andreas said, there is no direct comparison possible. Linux-wise the Tabor could probably be faster than a single core G5, but loose to any dual core G5.

    The Pro's of the Tabor are a certainly much lower power consumption and a much broader/better range of possible graphic cards (PCIe, also no special Mac-BIOS needed).

    IMHO it is not a tragedy the Tabor is slower compared to a G5. It's purpose has always been that of a relatively cheap entry-level-system, not that of a 'high end' one like the G5 was (klick). If I would want to enter the OS 4.1 world and a X5000 would be too expensive for me I would always choose the Tabor over some Sam440/Sam460/Pegasos/etc.
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