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    number6 wrote:

    I'd consider the possibility of neither. And I don't mean in regards to jury decision assuming it still gets approved for jury trial as requested.


    I'll be very surprised if it ever makes it to a jury trial. I think that a settlement will be made before then, though I wish it wouldn't. I would like to see what a jury thinks about the actions Hyperion has taken recently, and I would be thrilled if the 2009 settlement were to become void, returning all rights to everything Amiga Inc. ever owned to the current owner, C-A Acquisition Corp., or what ever it is called.

    I think a fresh start would be good for everyone (except the owners of Hyperion). How could C-A Acquisition Corp. do any worse than Hyperion has done over the last many years?

    I was hoping to get more responses to this thread, to gauge the general feelings on the topic from many of the members here, but just like so many other threads on MZ now, it has gotten polluted with wild claims or statements leading to challenges and the bickering that follows.

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