Cloanto sues Hyperion
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    >>>> Seems that Hermans' shares in Hyperion increased from 96,88% in 2020
    >>>> to 100% in 2021: [...]

    >>> Correct. He is sole director and shareholder.

    >> [...] Is this a case of publishing documents but not reading them?
    >> Or what am I missing?

    > I was looking at a quote from May 24 as well: [...]

    Yes, one of the two tweets I linked to is a reply to a reply to that.

    > Perhaps he means "former" shareholders and "funded".

    Unlikely. He asks for a source for Hermans owning the whole of Hyperion (not being aware that for his readers, he himself is the source for that information as he published it) and states that "Ben Hermans [...] owns more than 90%, but less than 100%" (which has no longer been true since 2021), so Hermans currently not owning the whole of Hyperion due to"Robert Trevor Dickinson, Timothy De Groote and Benny Damsgaard" being in possession of Hyperion shares is what he does mean, obviously. Besides, "a new peak of legal abuse" by former shareholders who funded him wouldn't really make sense.
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