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    cgutjahr wrote:

    number6 wrote:
    Please tell me the translation I receive is wrong and the director/board member is not saying what I think he's saying...

    Your translation is wrong ;-) He's just playing word games.

    Him: "People should give more money to Hyperion!"
    Me: How about Ben pays back the 500k bucks he stole according to Dickinson? That should pay for a lot of OS4 development..."
    Him: "It's news to me that Ben stole 500k bucks from Hyperion..."

    The important part is the "from Hyperion" bit.

    The translation was "Is it completely new to me ... source?" as if he was not sure whether it was or was not "new" to him, hence why I asked. heh.

    Given Costel had written since his return to OS4welt about the different ways one could look at "blame", I just found it dumbfounding how one could not include the singlemost important event as part of that discussion.

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