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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:

    >> part 3, stated to have newish information on this history

    > Yes, even the first page does have new information not made public before :-)

    Confirmation by Trevor in recent Amiga Future issue of some of these comments (emphasis mine):

    "the long drawn out saga over delivery of the CPUs had raised some concerns. Moorley privately contacted A-EON's bank in Belgium to obtain the transaction history only to discover that the account was virtually empty. Apparently, Hyperion [...] had used A-EON’s funds to keep itself afloat. As a result, A-EON did not have enough money to pay Varisys for the Nemo 2.0 programme... ...I was still keen to see the project through and fortunately Moorley agreed with me. A repayment schedule was agreed with Hyperion/Hermans and, in late December [2010], he resigned his A-EON directorship and relinquished his token shareholding in the company. I took over the management of A-EON on a temporary basis and began co-ordinating with Varisys, AmigaKit and the Hyperion OS4 development team to get the X1000 project back on track."

    At a loss for words here. "mindboggling" perhaps?

    In an exchange yesterday after Costel returned to active posting on OS4welt:
    cgutjahr appears to mention this "event" described in your posting.

    Costel's response

    Please tell me the translation I receive is wrong and the director/board member is not saying what I think he's saying...

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