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    > the 500 A1222 systems that he is probably hoping to sell

    Considering he said he purchased a quantity of 1000 P1022 chips, it's probably twice that (boards plus systems that is) :-)

    > how many more "failed" projects will Trevor be willing to invest in, before he realizes that
    > there is no way to make any money in the Amiga market with custom hardware [...]?

    Is he in this for making profit? That's not the impression I got, at least. And we can't be sure he didn't break even with X1000 and/or X5000. With X1000 he probably did, which made him start X5000 and A1222 simultaneously (the severe Tabor delay may be obfuscating this fact).

    > I hope that he will abandon custom motherboard creation in favor of [...] perhaps
    > porting to existing hardware, that is proven to be [...] widely available.

    Unfortunately, the Raptor Blackbird is probably not quite fitting this description ;-)
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