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    redrumloa wrote:

    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > "ExecSG_AEon is [...] rewritten for the Tabor hardware. [...]"
    > - Trevor Dickinson, the new Bill McEwen


    "The newly formed ExecSG team, under the supervision of Steven Solie, is also working hard to optimise and maximise the A1222's performance."

    My god.. Let the thing die already Trevor! It is 2020 for cripes sake! A $500 board that gets smoked by a $30 rpi, or a free G4 Power Mac pulled out of a dumpster, will never fly! Good lawd!

    Too late for that! He's already invested so much money to get components, have boards designed, (and probably redesigned once or twice) and has spent so much development time and money getting AmigaOS4 ported to it, and people optimizing for the non-standard FPU, it is way too far along to stop now, just weeks or months away from being able to say it is complete enough to release to Amiga users, who are way more lenient in accepting beta level solutions.

    I don't know how many Tabor units will sell, but there are at least a dozen or two dozen users waiting for the opportunity to buy a Tabor system. After that, A-Eon might be able to sell an additional 40 to 50 curious users who have $500 to throw away. I doubt that Trevor will be able to sell the 500 A1222 systems that he is probably hoping to sell, so he can recoup at least some of the money he has invested into the project. What I wonder is how many more "failed" projects will Trevor be willing to invest in, before he realizes that there is no way to make any money in the Amiga market with custom hardware (the Vampire boards are a rare exception)? The money surely could be used in more productive ways, and I hope that he will abandon custom motherboard creation in favor of only supporting software development, and perhaps porting to existing hardware, that is proven to be efficient and widely available.

    I know that Trevor's intentions are, and have always been, to help sustain and attempt to grow the Amiga community, by supporting it in many different ways, but unfortunately, he has listened to poor advice from many sources, which have cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars/euros/pounds(add whatever currency is used in New Zealand). I give him tons of credit for trying to make a difference, and creating something tangible for the community, where most people only sit at their keyboards, and spew useless opinions and criticisms. (not aiming this comment at anyone in particular, and recognizing that most users on MorphZone are much less prone to useless comments than some other sites).

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