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    KennyR wrote:
    So I take it then that the retro community reboot is dead and buried? What with all the litigation, and Jens about to leave and stop making hardware.

    Just another entry in Ben Hermans' long list of crimes against the Amiga platform. Someone (kolla?) joked that he had a painting of Mehdi Ali above his bed, but I think he's done far, far more damage. Ali was just a breaker, set up to try to put Commodore's costs back into the green no matter what. Ben has cynically used everyone in the community, set friend against friend, and made sure that bitterness and debt are the only things that increase with the years.

    Speaking as a C= 8bit fan first and foremost, the hope is Jens only leaves the Amiga market and not the 8bit market. It seems to be his primary bread and butter in recent years anyhow.
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