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    number6 wrote:

    It might make me more unpopular to be objective, but...

    Purported email content text overlayed on a podcast from a 3rd party admittedly new to this amiga stuff..
    Not to mention I never saw/heard anyone say he had permission to post Mike's mails, although some would assume so.
    And 3rd parties making "announcements" for principals?
    A-eon purchaser - Hyperion seller. I also would have preferred a statement from one or both of the actual parties involved, as in a joint press release. ha! Nevertheless, the issue is moot now.

    Sorry, but this way of issuing "emails" seemed a bit too much of a counter to the Jens and his "these weren't meant for..." affair.


    Additionally, now a claimed self imposed deadline has clearly been missed.


    Mike also said that there will be some announcements quite soon, as in days

    Although Amiga time never has any relation to real time, we've exceeded "in days" now.

    I believe this is related to the boatload of documents filed recently concerning the lawsuit.
    Recently, Pacer shortened the list shown, but prior there were many new filings of motions and responses.
    If I understand this correctly, there might be a tie as to why the "announcements" have yet to be seen.

    In order for the case to proceed and C-A Acquisition Corporation to also gain a court ruling on the preliminary injunction against Hyperion...they must first be enjoined in the current lawsuit or...
    file their own.
    Unless I'm wrong, the current activity is another stalling tactic to attempt to prevent C-A from enjoining in the lawsuit, thereby delaying plans.

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