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    KennyR wrote:

    amigadave wrote:
    I am a little surprised, and greatly relieved that the Frieden Bros didn't get screwed by a BH created contract that could have taken their ExecSG from them. They made a huge mistake ever working for Hyperion in the first place, but at least they didn't compound their first mistake with a second mistake, and they were able to retain ownership of their work.

    There was a rumour that the Friedens took Hyperion to court for ownership of ExecSG. Whether this is true I don't know, whether it actually was settled before it hit the courts is unknown as well. As is the general timeline of when it would have happened - no court documents ever appeared. Also the rumour that Hyperion were licensing ExecSG are unconfirmed. It's one of those "well known" things that nobody seems to know how it's well known, but nobody is denying either.

    I wouldn't be particularly surprised if true, as the Friedens have always been unwilling to part with their code, even if based on GPL. But regardless, they seem to have escaped a trap that (almost) every other OS4 developer has fallen into.


    You might be thinking about the euro case filed against both Hyperion VOF and Amiga Inc. here.
    It was later stated that there was no animosity between the Friedens/Vallinotto and Hyperion.
    It was always described as a means to protect their IP from Amiga Inc.

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