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    Within all of this colossal "F"ed up mess of litigation has anyone else besides me considered the question of just how much of the hundreds of thousands of Euros that Ben Hermans claims he is owed for the acquisition (theft) of AmigaOS4, and the additional money he claims he is owed, due to "contributions" he has made since its acquisition, are actually inflated or exaggerated fees for his legal services, making me wonder exactly how much actual "CASH" currency Ben Hermans has ever spent on Hyperion Entertainment, out of his own pocket, so to speak? He claims to be owed some crazy amount of currency from Hyperion Entertainment, but I doubt that much of that claim is actual currency that he has put into the company, and is instead, just his legal fees for time he has spent preparing and filing legal documents (perhaps at a higher than normal hourly rate). It is rather obvious that Hyperion has spent more time and effort fighting legal battles, than it has paid programmers for developing AmigaOS4.

    I have no idea what is going on between Colanto/C-A Acquisition, and A-Eon/Trevor Dickinson, but I hope that every developer/programmer who is still interested in creating anything for the Amiga community realizes that Colanto and A-Eon are much, much more likely to pay them for their hard work, than Hyperion Entertainment ever has, or ever will. I really don't understand how anyone could continue to work for, or with Hyperion, or any company that has any ties to Ben Hermans, but that is just my personal opinion, from a person who gets his information primarily from Amiga forum posts, so what do I know.

    Edit: I am a little surprised, and greatly relieved that the Frieden Bros didn't get screwed by a BH created contract that could have taken their ExecSG from them. They made a huge mistake ever working for Hyperion in the first place, but at least they didn't compound their first mistake with a second mistake, and they were able to retain ownership of their work.

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