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    number6 wrote:

    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > Trevor/A-Eon have been quick to post AmigaWorld News articles when they aquire
    > something new. Forum threads even accentuate this proud ownership by stating such
    > things a 2nd time to be sure people are aware. [...] I'd like to know what you consider
    > a valid reason for the uncharacteristic delay in announcing the purchase

    A valid explanation could be, as a comment on amiga-news.de claims, that not the corporate entity A-Eon purchased ExecSG but the natural person Robert Trevor Dickinson himself did.

    Funny you should mention that.
    You might recall Ben's denial about an offer to purchase Hyperion?
    Usual semantics applied by mentioning A-EON and not Trevor by name to indicate to the casual reader that no offer had been made at all...



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