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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    >>>>> A-eon purchaser - Hyperion seller.

    >>>> No, Frieden brothers seller. ExecSG wasn't Hyperion's property.

    >>> That's not the point of my post

    >> You claimed it (see quote), I objected to it :-)

    > No.


    >> I think he purchased ExecSG from the Friedens. Else someone else would
    >> have had to purchase it from them in between, to which I've seen no
    >> indication. If you have anything else on this, I'd be interested to read it :-)

    > patience.

    I'm curious :-)

    I believe we both tend to respect the opinions of others. I also think we both put some value on the circumstantials we exchange. In the latest case of ownership (execsg), we were also fortunate to be able to cite a statement from a trusted source.

    So, I'd like to start by asking your opinion.

    Trevor/A-Eon have been quick to post AmigaWorld News articles when they aquire something new. Forum threads even accentuate this proud ownership by stating such things a 2nd time to be sure people are aware.
    If we are to believe that -this- transaction of somewhat greater magnitude than prior purchases was finalized, then I'd like to know what you consider a valid reason for the uncharacteristic delay in announcing the purchase and any intentions of how they would exploit its use.

    Thank you.

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