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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    >> ExecSG is rumoured to have been purchased by A-Eon off the Friedens.
    >> Edit: changed "known" to "rumoured"

    > Sorry to keep suggesting edits. heh. Which followed this post:
    > Trevor Dickinson has confirmed to have bought ExecSG in the AF.

    Okay, if AF reported it, it can be called "known" I guess :-) For some, Mike Battilana's statement on the matter (see links in comments #689 and #695) might have been sufficient, though ;-)

    It might make me more unpopular to be objective, but...

    Purported email content text overlayed on a podcast from a 3rd party admittedly new to this amiga stuff..
    Not to mention I never saw/heard anyone say he had permission to post Mike's mails, although some would assume so.
    And 3rd parties making "announcements" for principals?
    A-eon purchaser - Hyperion seller. I also would have preferred a statement from one or both of the actual parties involved, as in a joint press release. ha! Nevertheless, the issue is moot now.

    Sorry, but this way of issuing "emails" seemed a bit too much of a counter to the Jens and his "these weren't meant for..." affair.

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