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    Kronos wrote:

    Jim wrote:

    Eh, I'm with you on this one Andreas, I hope Herman's wins.
    Because otherwise Cloanto is rewarded for trying to buy full/contolling rights to an IP that was already under license.

    Hyperion started this cycle by selling 68k versions of AmigaOS which was understood to be Cloantos (exclusive) licence.

    Karma is supposed to be a bitch.

    Not sure what you mean about cycle, but if we're talking the start of this in general:

    watch the 2nd vid, see the kickstart

    As I stated prior in this thread:
    The ink was barely dry on the Amiga Inc./Hyperion VOF settlement of 2009 when this occurred.


    Mike told Timothy that it was the Manomio case that had brought the initial cease and
    desist involving Hyperion, to which Ben had promised explanations, and which ultimately
    led to the 2016 case, which did not come out of the blue as Timothy thought.


    Show me a denial regarding the above and I'll consider changing my opinion as to how this all started.

    Keep in mind if looking for confirmation, that most of the available documents concern motions and responses. "discovery" "depositions" are not normally a part of what is made available for public viewing. As with the comment regarding document status on the C-A Acquisition transfer, documents can be marked "confidential" or "attorney's eyes only", at this time.

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