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    All my friends who are primarily AmigaOS4.x users, and secondarily AmigaOS3.x, and/or MorphOS, and/or AROS, users, who I usually see each year at the AmiWest Shows, will probably dislike this comment, but . . . .

    I hope that Hyperion (Ben Hermans specifically), get slapped really good by Colanto, and Ben Hermans, or Hyperion are forced to pay Colanto tons of penalties and legal fees. It would not bother me much if Hyperion got hit so hard that they lose everything to do with "Amiga", including AmigaOS4.x, and they are forced to close down Hyperion Entertainment permanently, similar to how Hyperion put Amiga Inc. out of business (effectively, since taking AmigaOS4.x away from them pretty much killed any hope Bill McEwen had of saving that company).

    The arrogance of Hyperion is quite sickening, and the vindictive and abusive behavior toward Colanto has lowered my opinion of Hyperion even further, which amazes me, since I didn't think my opinion of them (him) could be any worse.

    The sad thing is, I would not put it past "him", to vindictively lock up and through away, everything Hyperion owns, with regards to AmigaOS4.x, rather than sell, or give (open source) it to anyone in the community, just out of spite, should Hyperion close its doors, and shut down.

    Edit: Thinking about the above further, maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing if AmigaOS4.x and Hyperion were to cease to exist. A-Eon would then be forced into supporting an alternative OS, like MorphOS, and if A-Eon had supported MorphOS with the same amount of enthusiasm and monetary investment, who knows where it would be today?

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