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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > Kickstart-34.4.rom is a 1.3 rom version. Included in AmigOS 4.1 Update 4,
    > released for download 22 December 2011 .

    Thanks. So if we are to follow Cloanto's pattern of argument further than Cloanto does, Hyperion must have been infringing on Cloanto's copyright (supposedly obtained from Amiga Inc. in 2011/2012) since exactly that time.

    Not that it matters, but the cinemaware deal was 2010, including Manomio's negotiations for required IP.

    Manomio CTO Stuart Carnie


    Manomio is legally licensing the required intellectual property

    Source of quote above & vid/demo showing 1.3 image

    I fully understand your putting more weight on the 1.3 ROM discussed above, but I feel it's also fair to ask "who licensed what to Manomio?" back in 2010 as well.

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