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    redrumloa wrote:

    Andreas_Wolf wrote:

    I just reviewed every single MorphZone comment where you or me mentioned Cloanto and I didn't find anything resembling what you described. Needless to say that I don't remember such either. Do you have a link, in case I missed anything?

    I'm not finding it in a few searches. I seem to remember it was something along the lines of "I fail to see how this proves friction between Hyperion and Cloanto".

    Either way, this popcorn time will provide you with new bookmarks very soon I'm sure.

    It was probably me red, sounds like a comment I might have made, although it doesn't surprise me one little bit that Hyperion would sue anyone for a nickel (including his own mother), or that Hyperion would act in a way that would cause a lawsuit to be filed against them. That's just how lawyers think and act 24/7.
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