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    >>> Looks like OS4's days are officially numbered.

    >> While Cloanto seeks the court to order
    >> "the destruction or other reasonable disposition of all Infringing CDROMs",
    >> OS4 proper is not subject to the lawsuit.

    > You seem to gloss over quite a bit.

    I don't think so.

    > OS4.1 CDs include infringing material.

    Yes, that's why I wrote "OS4 proper". I can't see how selling new OS4.1 CDs without the infringing material would mean that "OS4's days are officially numbered".

    > you were the same person who scoffed at me a couple years back when I mentioned
    > HYPErion were blatantly pirating Cloanto IP and Cloanto would sue them.

    A couple years back? You mean way before the incidents that Cloanto quotes as base for the complaint happened?
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