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    Matthew Leaman informed me that, due to factory shutdowns, several of his new classic Amiga hardware products have not been shipped or are now greatly behind schedule. A-EON Technology's A1222 early Adopter development and release schedule has similarly been affected and Matthew thinks the delays could push production into the third quarter of this year.



    Matthew also confirmed that the AAA Bundles themselves will now be shipped out the first week of March.

    Source Trevor's blog - February 24, 2020

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    > "In 2014, A-EON Technology Ltd commissioned Varisys Ltd to design and
    > produce the Tabor motherboard. [...] Our designers, Varisys, were
    > subsequently acquired by Ultra Electronics and, five years on, several
    > minor components used in the build process are no longer available from
    > suppliers, so changes to the motherboard design became necessary. In 2018,
    > A-EON Technology Ltd approached and entered into negotiations with
    > Ultra Electronics to exclusively acquire the full design data. The process
    > and delivery of design data was completed eleven months later. During 2019,
    > A-EON approached members of the original Varisys team to help evolve the
    > Tabor project. The A-EON A1222 Plus builds upon the older Tabor design
    > with sections of the motherboard updated to address obsolescence of
    > components.

    "Matthew Leaman [...] recently took delivery of the updated layout files from James Felix, the former Ultra Varisys engineer who was a key designer of the original Tabor board. The new motherboard, renamed A1222 v1.3, includes replacements for several obsolete minor components."

    "A-EON is currently stalled on the prototype stage of the new v1.3 design of the A1222 Plus. This hopefully will be resolved soon as there is some additional help enlisted to get this over the line. Just working through the mundane NDA/legal stuff."

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    Yokemate of Keyboards
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    >>> does Trevor say that Mark Olsen is the author of a
    >>> sound driver for A-Eon? Which one would that be?

    >> These same issue with being able to supply complete X5000 systems
    >> with new graphics cards has reached the sound cards as well.
    >> So [...], drivers for newer model sound cards are required.

    > Would be interesting to know which audio controller/codec
    > this driver is for, and if MorphOS will get this driver as well.

    Going by the Enhancer 2.0 press release, it's probably "OxygenHD AHI sound driver v4.1", which seems to be for the CMI8788 PCI audio chipset.

    And regarding thread topic: "A1222 AHI sound driver v6.3" is also contained.
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