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    As usual thanks for tech correction, but it barely changes hash reality of going
    from bad to worse.

    While G4 and G5 support was dropped recently from major distros, Deb PPC supports it fully even now and many a bit older distros can be installed.

    Au contrare, except from only paid x1000 Ubuntu in the world, there is no other distro that can CD Boot to x1000 and install without inserting kernel during install or DDing and inserting kernel via kernel files on slow SD card.

    And FAT16 SD card of 4GB corrupts itself (CFE bug?), Linux kernel cant boot from SFS, FFS,
    EXT2, EXT3 even manual claims it can. Or amigaboot.of from EXT2, EXT3, thus additional hidden FFS partition ... Utter mess.

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