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    > x1000 - [...] PCI-E wired to Xena

    While Xorro uses a PCIe x1 connector, it is not wired to the PA6T's PCIe subsystem.

    > x5000 - no support for LAN, [...] PCI-E wired to Xena

    Isn't Bigfoot's driver available through A-Eon by now?
    And while Xorro uses a PCIe x1 connector, it is not wired to the P5's PCIe subsystem.

    > x5000/040 - exists but its hidden

    X5000/40 was shown at Amiga34 in Neuss :-)

    > None of great PPC board has out of box PPC Linux support in
    > major distros LIKE ALL OTHER PPC32 and PPC64 computers do have!

    Official PPC32 support (including G3/G4 Macs) has vanished from almost all Linux distros and certainly from all major ones. Big-endian PPC64 (including G5 Macs) is a small bit better off.

    > Do a single CPU, OS4 max hw design [...]

    X1000 and X5000 are single-CPU ;-) PA6T was never available in single-core version, and using P5010 instead of P5020 would have saved some small dollars only (compared to overall board price). Bad decision was using a common board for P5020 and P5040, which are neither fully pin-compatible nor fully SerDes config compatible, resulting in crippling of P5020.

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