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    ppcamiga1 wrote:
    We Amiga users use ppc Amigas because they are better Amigas than these produced by Commodore after ECS.

    AmigaOnes are in no way CBM/Escom continuation, and all except SAM440 had quirks and shortcomings not supported fully in OS4, or board was crippled in way (single SATA, slower mem. etc.).
    XE - bad mem and USB
    SAM 440 - only fully supported board, espec. M9 version
    SAM460 - unsupported DMA onboard SATA, even today
    x1000 - buggy CFE, no support for LAN, other core, 2GB+ PCI-E wired to Xena with no use,
    slower PCI slots, BETA OS TO PREPAID OS 4.2
    x5000 - no support for LAN, other core, 2GB+, PCI-E wired to Xena, less expandable then x1000
    STILL BETA OS NO FULL DRV, only good thing is MOS support (as with SAM460ex)
    x5000/040 - exists but its hidden, too expensive and not so fast by Linux tests
    Tabor - in Linux existance for few years

    None of great PPC board has out of box PPC Linux support in major distros LIKE ALL OTHER PPC32 and PPC64 computers do have!

    I mean, can you do a proper job, once in a while.

    Do a single CPU, OS4 max hw design or improve OS to hardware. Mac PPCs are great machines compared to this jungle

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