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    The file info with Emotion is displayed by selecting the "about" Menu Item.
    Which gives Progam version and the decoding option available.
    Both of these have not been made available to the public yet.


    number6 wrote:

    Spectre660 wrote:
    I used Mplayer to get the detailed video info. Emotion to actually play the videos.


    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > PPC MPlayer is not getting bugs fixed. In fact the bug report was closed
    > without being addressed for what is showing up in your Video and Audio
    > codecs output. It might be helpful to mention that it's not "462H", but
    > "H264" for video codec, and it's not "A4PM" but "MP4A" for audio codec.

    If both Emotion (as shown in the video) and MPlayer exhibit this same issue, it seems to be with FFmpeg, which both are based on.

    Excuse my ignorance, but is this because Emotion does not have option for verbose text output?
    Also, if you are getting the text info from MPlayer, why are you not -playing- the file with MPlayer?

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