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    Zylesea wrote:
    And indeed hardware accelerated video playback is a nice achievement and pretty handy.

    Personally, assuming mainstream video codecs are in fact supported which Spectre660 has not confirmed, I find it to be a million times more useful than being able to run smartphone games on desktop hardware.

    That said, for better or for worse, media consumption on desktop computers has moved towards web browsers. If a 50 EUR tablet can smoothly play videos on any HTML5-compliant web page but your 1000 EUR desktop computer struggles with 360P and you are expected to use semi-clunky external tools for smooth high-resolution playback that only support one or two video portals, then that would be less "game changing" and more "not even really in the game" territory.

    Of course, as usual, none of this information is provided and people are expected to merely guess and speculate after reading 3,000 word blog posts and watching minutes of video footage.


    But game changing... rather not.

    If you expect people to invest 700+ EUR on compatible mainboards and graphics cards, being able to play HD video is the bare minimum bar in 2020, I'd say. Not "game changing" but certainly an accomplishment.

    That said, regardless of how smooth the playback might be, I myself could not stand watching videos with messed up color palettes so black looks grey...
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