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    >>> never send him replacement Nemo

    >> https://morph.zone/modules/newbb_plus/viewtopic.php?forum=3&topic_id=7183&start=1029

    > I dont get the updated info from thread? Anything new
    > or different from what I have rad in past?

    In comment #1030 in that thread you acknowledged that he was sent a replacement Nemo while in this thread you now claim he wasn't.

    >> Isn't the buggy driver only available for beta testers?

    > No, it is included on OS 4.1 Final CD

    Indeed, thanks for the reminder.

    > Real OpenGL on my x1000? Where? :) Dont call translation of a translation to some level GLES :)

    Why not? GL4ES offers full OpenGL 2.1.
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