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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > Lincese says [...] glued by Hyperion. I mean, you develop
    > patched firware for routers to work on desktop. Then you
    > loose sources after two beta updates and public release.

    As far as I understand, the issue is that one "you" is a different entity from the other "you". In addition, one of the entities likely never had the source code but just binaries.

    > you put bugged version of OS 4.1FE

    Isn't the buggy driver only available for beta testers?

    > never send him replacement Nemo


    I dont get the updated info from thread? Anything new or different from what I have rad in past?

    No, it is included on OS 4.1 Final CD

    System/devs/networks/ppp-ethernet.device 23.11.2014. 00:00


    You are then asked to choose your network card. I got a bit excited when I saw that the built in X1000 network adapter is included as an option (we have to use a PCI network card under AmigaOS4.1.6). I selected the built in adapter and click on Test this Configuration:



    Unfortunately it didn't work - I also subsequently found out the built-in network driver has dropout issues and shouldn't be used by X1000 owners at this time.


    ppcamiga1 wrote:

    vox wrote:
    - I will go v4SA and enjoy it more then x1000 at cost-effective choice

    From developer POV V4SA has not working MMU and decent OpenGL so it is still not good enough to compete with Amiga X1000 or Amiga 1222, and of course it is many times slower.

    I am no developer. Real OpenGL on my x1000? Where? :) Dont call translation of a translation to some level GLES :) Smaller set we will have as miniGL by Hyperion? :) and StormMESA m68k once Vamp v4 gets a bit more 3D love. Still before OS 4.2 or Libre, I bet. And hardware wise its growing, V4 has space for m68k style MMU and much more.

    From user Vamp:
    - Has proven development on SW and HW FPGA core side
    - Is out of box Amiga compatibile
    - I prefer small bussiness to greedy milkers that lie and smile too often
    - I believe it will bring more AmigaOS related development, OS3+AROS

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