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    Sam460ex works with Polaris.
    Maybe a fluke that it does because the U-Boot version of the Sam460ex is old.
    The X5000 & Tabor have newer U-boot versions.

    It was stated a while ago that X1000 CFE was not under A-Eon's control.
    Don't know if they have made any progress on this.

    Enhancer includes the A-Eon drivers.
    These include the full Radeon HD driver and Enhancer V2.0 will include the
    Radeon Polaris driver.
    The current OS 4.1 FE CD or ISO only include a Lite version of the Radeon HD driver for example. This includes the Sam460ex CD .

    I would expect Tabor sound and Ethernet drivers to be on new AmigaOS 4.1 ISO's though .

    See this link re X1000 network story Quote below.



    by Cyborg ยป March 22nd, 2018 10:09 am

    And X1000 runs completely out of competition anyway. There is not even a "contract" for this, but only a loose promise on my part that I could take a look at it, I would finally be given working hardware again and I would also have time for it. Back in 2012, the X1000 prototype provided broke in the middle of the driver's beta test. I sent it to A-EON and never got a replacement for it, although it was requested umpteen times. A-EON didn't feel responsible, neither did Hyperion. Without hardware, no driver. Then other people fooled around in my code and didn't do anything. Therefore, A-EON finally came back to me to see if I could not look at it and after several years I put up an X1000 again. It was also used for a lot of work on AmigaOS, but time for the unimportant anyway, since there are enough PCI slots, I haven't had any network drivers so far. See above.

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