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    Spectre660 wrote:

    Under AmigaOS 4.1 Polaris cards are going to bring some special love and BIG key enhancements.
    Game changing stuff .Tabor support included .
    Enhancer V2.0 coming soon.

    But only for Tabor and X5000 platforms?
    Or can older systems like the SAM460 be updated?
    And we've ruled out the X1000 as its firmware makes it incompatible with Polaris?
    If is the case, why aren't any updates to that being considered?

    Or is Aeon following Apple's path of immediately obsoleting out of production hardware?
    Again, that would be a pity, as the X1000 never received the full support promised when it was introduced.

    Still, if Enhancer 2.0 works on an X5000, I can separate its utility from the necessity of buying Tabor.
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