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    Spectre660 wrote:

    Under Amiga Os 4.1 pre 7000HD cards have neither old Warp3D nor Warp3D Nova.
    A-Eon tried Warp3D but could not get it to work. Hyperion apparently gave up on Gallium.
    Development was moving too slowly and it was eclipsed by A-Eon's Warp3DSI and then Warp3DNova

    The major current issue going forwards is that CFE does not (currently ?)support Polaris cards.(Lack of Polaris support is a BIG issue going forwards.)
    Polaris Cards have Warp3D Nova support but no current Warp3D support.
    A private project (Non A-Eon)to support old Warp3D via Warp3D Nova for both Radeon SI and Polaris ongoing .

    Tabor supports Polaris cards so watch out as "Big tings a come Rasta."

    The multicore support is being worked on so could happen at some point .
    I would assume that the use of the addition ram is also in the multicore framework .

    The saga with the X1000 onboard ethernet was aired publicly so no need to touch that.
    But could also happen at some point .

    I'd have to side with Vox on the opinion that a neat piece of NG hardware is being neglected.
    An Tabor is hardly an alternative, even if it can run with an RX640 video card.

    Then again, a thread on MorphZone focusing on the X1000 or Polaris video cards is in itself kind of pointless, as neither are supported by MorphOS.
    Although Polaris (and later cards) might eventually receive some driver love.

    Pity the X1000 won't receive a MorphOS port, but the limited size of that market doesn't help the argument in favor of it.

    And we can leave the Tabor platform to those who are willing to accept its compromises.
    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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