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    Under Amiga Os 4.1 pre 7000HD cards have neither old Warp3D nor Warp3D Nova.
    A-Eon tried Warp3D but could not get it to work. Hyperion apparently gave up on Gallium.
    Development was moving too slowly and it was eclipsed by A-Eon's Warp3DSI and then Warp3DNova

    The major current issue going forwards is that CFE does not (currently ?)support Polaris cards.(Lack of Polaris support is a BIG issue going forwards.)
    Polaris Cards have Warp3D Nova support but no current Warp3D support.
    A private project (Non A-Eon)to support old Warp3D via Warp3D Nova for both Radeon SI and Polaris ongoing .

    Tabor supports Polaris cards so watch out as "Big tings a come Rasta."

    The multicore support is being worked on so could happen at some point .
    I would assume that the use of the addition ram is also in the multicore framework .

    The saga with the X1000 onboard ethernet was aired publicly so no need to touch that.
    But could also happen at some point .
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