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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > Not as stupid as promising OS 4.2 to users of a system no longer in production.

    That promise preceded the production of the last X1000 batch by several years. Has it ever been reiterated since?

    No, it has been physically prepaid as extended license over normal OS 4.1 price,
    as well as in the manual.

    Never mentioned after x1000 launch and Amiwest 2016 or so.

    I will consider PA Semi Nemo supported once both cores, up to 8GB RAM, Onboard GB Ethernet is supported, as OS 4.2 promise is :) As well as pre 7000HD cards were promised to have old w3d, not nova. CFE is so buggy ... no words to describe.

    Never seen nice system with so little love by the makers.
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