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    amigadave wrote:
    A-Eon should have come out with at least one project that makes great use of that co-processor, maybe home automation, which was recently discussed on one of the forums, would be a great use?

    Yeah, keep your 2000$ Amiga running 24/7 so can close/open your blinds!!

    Thats what rPI and suchlike are for, or if you really want to do it in an Amiga-way, take an Efika + some USB-dodat, relativly cheap small and low power.

    Thinking of this, Efika beat the 1st Pi to market by 5 years so this might have been something that could have sold quite few.
    Main stopping point (IMO) was the lack of low power onboard GFX.

    Xorro was a brainfart and so are all suggested use cases.
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