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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > Not as stupid as promising OS 4.2 to users of a system no longer in production.

    That promise preceded the production of the last X1000 batch by several years. Has it ever been reiterated since?

    I think at this point in time, I would be glad to just get a perfectly working driver for the X1000's Nemo motherboard Ethernet controller, and forget about the promise for a free copy of AmigaOS4.2 (since we all know that it will never be completed as it was first described when advertising for the X1000 was going on). It would be nice to free up the slot taken by the current Ethernet card, but I understand why little or zero resources are being used to work on fixing the driver, as there are plenty of other projects to work on, and the X1000's onboard Ethernet controller is way down the list of priorities (if it is even on the list at all, at this point).

    I feel disappointed that more effort has not gone into supporting the X1000 owners, who were the people who were the first to step forward to support what Trevor and later Matthew were doing, and continue to attempt to do, which is trying to revive a mostly dead (AmigaOS4) niche community. Since they made the effort to make the X1000 and X5000 different than off the shelf hardware, by adding the Xorro slot and Xena chip, I think they surely should have put more, and at least SOME effort into porting the tools to develop software for it. A-Eon should have come out with at least one project that makes great use of that co-processor, maybe home automation, which was recently discussed on one of the forums, would be a great use?
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