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    takemehomegrandma wrote:

    Andreas_Wolf wrote:

    "The Limited Edition A1222 Plus Early Adopter boards are expected to ship around the end of the first quarter of 2020**. (**subject to change)
    For more information on A1222 Plus pre-registration options please visit www.a1222plus.com which will be live in the next few days.

    Why are they writing "Commodore" here? Parasite marketing? AFAIR Commodore *never* used the term "bundle" to merely sell a display box with merchandise and refurbished SW a quarter ahead of the real product might appear, "(** Subject to change)" of course, and then *not even granting* you a delivery of the real product if it ever appears, but rather a possibility to order one (paying extra) should it happen (on a first come first serve basis, which means no guarantees of actually getting one), or a 20% pre-payment scheme. I'm sorry, but the way I see it, this is not at all very "Commodore"-like, and not at all how the word "bundle" is normally used. It seems possible to purchase the "bundle" but *without even getting* the real product that the bundle is supposed to be merged with. Dodgy.

    Perhaps they feel people are more amenable to associating recent activities with the name Commodore, as opposed to the name Amiga?
    otoh both are still fighting to secure trademarks, so they are both oddly similar in how they devote their time.
    On that front, in case you have any interest, I updated the C= situation in November:

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