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    Jim schrieb:
    A cheap 4 core/8 thread Zen2 will be the bargain of the year. Higher core count cpus with be awesome.

    So, would I want to run a PPC at 1/3rd the clock speed with 1/4 of the threads at a higher cost?
    Don't think so.

    I think it's not about specifically buying some low-end/midrange PPC to run Linux/BSD on it. Altough some people still do it. ;-) This is more the domain of the ARM-SBCs nowadays.

    It's more about all of us here already got some low-end/midrange PPC to run MorphPS/OS4 on. ;-) Why not try another OS on it? In my case it is really helpful that the PowerBook G4 can run both MorphOS and Linux since I got no other Laptop. You get additional software for free if you install Linux/BSD. It's not necessary for me to buy a 'proper' amd64 laptop just to run a Linux on it which my PB already does.

    Zen2 sure has a good price/performance ratio, no doubt. But Zen only shines when using AVX2 optimizations. The high core count is good for nothing. It's only hyperhtreading, you will realize this when actually utilizing all cores. The Zen1 1700 I had was slower in some tasks compared to the Opteron 6380 I still have (both advertising 16 cores). Also it got this HT-Bug the 1st Zen generation had (AMD kindly replaced it with a newer model).
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