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    amigakit wrote:

    3) A-Eon's first version

    This does not exist.

    In August 2015, A-EON Technology Ltd contracted Hyperion/Mincea to complete the X5000 network driver. Approaching three years later, we had not received any drivers. Due to the delay with this development and our eagerness to deliver a solution for the customers, an interim solution was found. Mark was commissioned to write the driver for OS4 and MorphOS, which he promptly did and presented us with an alpha version then a subsequent beta version. We released the beta version to our internal Amiga Developer beta test team who validated it ready for public release.

    Technically we have paid for another driver from Hyperion which I presume is still being developed, maybe by another developer now on behalf of Hyperion? The most important thing is the end-users (our customers) have a working, high quality driver and do not have to wait any longer.



    A-EON Technology Ltd contracted Costel Mincea of Hyperion Entertainment CVBA to create the SANA network driver for X5000 and A1222 and additionally complete the X1000 driver project.


    That reads as "2" more. What am I missing here?

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