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    > They weren't built until they were ordered

    I can't remember anyone telling he ordered at AmigaKit and had to wait months for his X1000 until the number of orders matched batch size.

    > there were 70 to 280 (depending on who you ask) ever made

    Trevor said 1st batch alone was 250 boards, 100 of which went to beta testers. And there were several further batches of unknown (probably smaller) size. Maybe you only have clueless people to ask :-P

    >> 2 versions of 2 Drivers

    > Appears there are four.
    > 1) Costel's version (not working)
    > 2) Version Hyperion paid for from someone else which Costel is now talking about
    > 3) A-Eon's first version
    > 4) A-Eon's second version (Bigfoot)

    What's "A-Eon's first version"? I can't remember I read anything on that.
    Including Costel's abandoned set of abandoned drivers it's 3 sets of 2 drivers each. And btw, the A-Eon set of drivers is from bigfoot (X5000/Cyrus) and rwo (A1222/Tabor).
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