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    > 1) 2006: [...] court settlement

    See comment #138.

    > 2) [...] A-Eon want uboot [...] ported to X1000

    See comment #137.

    > 4) A-Eon bodge OS4 onto X1000 without Hyperion's help

    Implausible. Doesn't make sense.

    > 5) X1000 flops

    See comment #137. I'm sure A-Eon would and could have sold some more X1000, but the availability/pricing of the PA6T really got too bad.

    > 7) Network drivers require information from uboot (at least MAC address,
    > apparently) so A-Eon can't continue

    Implausible, as U-Boot for the X5000 is maintained by A-Eon (see also comment #137).

    > 8) Hyperion pretend they can continue

    Costel says that Hyperion is ready and it's A-Eon's turn now (interrupt issue, maybe board redesign if parts aren't available anymore, board production).

    > [...] as soon as they can start trading again


    > 9) A-Eon [...] contact Olsen1 and Olsen2 to do working drivers by using
    > a different method to extract MAC address

    The MAC address issue is specific to the X5000, so only 1 Olsen required for this.

    > 10) Four copies of the same driver

    See comment #137.

    > Am I close?

    2/10 without objection from my side :-)
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