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    >>>>> You mean the driver Costel has never finished because he thinks Aeon
    >>>>> needs to provide him more technical information?

    >>>> I can't remember such statement by Costel. Do you have a link?

    >>> My post #113 this thread.

    >> I followed the links therein but can't find any statement by Costel to the effect
    >> that he didn't finish his Ethernet driver(s) "because he thinks Aeon needs to
    >> provide him more technical information". Maybe you can quote the part?


    A few small things are still to be done and a hardware disagreement in the interrupts of A-EON to clarify.

    Nothing indicates that this interrupt issue is referring to any Ethernet driver, and even if it was, this interrupt issue can't be the reason Costel didn't finish his own P1022 Ethernet driver as Costel's driver has been abandoned by him and isn't supposed to be part of OS4 anyway, but the driver by another author will be:


    I do not do the drivers for X5000 and Tabor (anymore). Developing a THIRD pair of drivers would not make sense at all, so we tucked in the developer of the - in our opinion - better of the externally developed drivers.

    So if any Ethernet driver for Tabor is affected by said interrupt issue and needs further information by A-Eon, it cannot be Costel's driver.
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