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    Spectre660 wrote:

    It is not Costel's work.
    He states that Hyperion are using an outside developer as well.
    His assessment of the two drivers is based on how/if they handle getting the correct MAC address .
    Of course if the X5000 production boards have a "Thing" with the MAC addresses then his basis for the assessment could be incorrect. No reason to go to war. At some point both driver versions may be available to X5000 users .

    Yeah, its not been an issue I really want to wade in on as the functionality can be provided by a card.
    But now with issues using some NIC cards, the availability of a driver for the on-board component is very useful.

    I should avoid making provocative statements.

    We have the driver we need for our community.


    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > What we can count on, is our developers listen to us, and we said a
    > long time ago that the core used in the P1022 wasn't desirable.

    I'm not sure they listened to us. It's absolutely plausible they came to the same conclusion completely on their own :-)

    OK...my hubris was on display there.
    A bit like assuming a connection because the Amiga community and my own endeavors started with the same processor family (or cpu vendor).

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