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    Kronos wrote:

    redrumloa wrote:

    Bigfoot isn't human, I don't believe it. Has he ever been seen in person? ;-)

    As hard it may be to believe, but light does indeed still escape him !!!

    *guess I really should run now*

    Mark? He's all too human.
    And when Aeonkit states that he's really busy, he actually IS damned busy.

    And on top of his full-time work, he still stepped up to create a boatload of support for new video cards for us, and a network driver for both us and the OS4 community.

    I'm glad Aeon let it be known that Mark and Frank were both offered Tabor access, since I've been keeping that quiet for awhile now.

    And apparently the number of MorphOS developers with X5000 boards is continuing to grow.

    Before everything begins to look completely unbalanced, and everyone gets the impression that Mark is the sole developer working on new projects, we all know Jacek and Andre have new projects in the works.

    Frank is still quietly working in the background, and core developers like kiero and cyfm are still very much part of the community.

    Hey, even Ralph is still here, since the last time I sent in a message about a registration inquiry he was the one that responded.

    For a community that legacy fanatics keep writing off as "dead", things seem quite lively.
    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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