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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > We are very grateful to Mark (and Frank) for their help with this component.

    Are they allowed to use the code in a future MorphOS release?

    It is my understanding that Mark is very busy with real world work. So A-EON sponsored his time to develop the driver for both OS4 and MorphOS. As part of the agreement he has provided us with the full source code for future development. If our team update the source in due course, we are happy to share the changes back to Mark for the benefit of supporting our X5000 customers, whether they prefer OS4 or MorphOS.


    Well if that isn't a big surprise. There's a level of cooperation you wouldn't have seen a few years ago.

    Actually A-EON Technology Ltd has always been happy to cooperate with users and developers across all Amiga inspired systems. Frank and Mark had a special preview of Tabor and Cyrus prototype boards way back in 2013. Mark has stepped in a few times to help us with firmware upgrades building on the work done by Varisys contractors. So you may be surprised that the Amiga community is a lot more cooperative than some speculation suggests.

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