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    >> Hyperion director Costel 'Cyborg' Mincea has been shooting against A-Eon
    >> on os4welt.de for many months, and not just with regard to Tabor.

    > True. And against Amigakit as well. And the counterattacks to those statements
    > from Amigakit are public record on AW.

    If you mean Matthew 'amigakit' Leaman, the sole A-Eon managing director and the main A-Eon shareholder (50%), then this is what I naturally include in the term "A-Eon" (after all, there is no dedicated 'a-eon' account on amigaworld.net). If you mean the online store of Leaman Computing Ltd., then no, I've not seen Cyborg shoot against this.
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